They told about the Festival

Vesna Šouc Tričković, full-time Professor at the Music Academy Belgrade

By now I had no opportunity to see such dedication and knowledge of organizational job. Artistic part of the Festival is truly at a high level and the hosts are very friendly and hospitable. I am sure that all participants left Prijedor with the best impressions. Believe me, every detail of your effort is so obvious and the very next day I told about it to my students.


Iva Kuzníková, President of the Choir “Chorus Ostrava“, Ostrava, Czech Republic

I express a great thankfulness for your kind reception in Prijedor as well as kind attention during the Festival. Nice and friendly atmosphere, good mood of all and readiness to spend time with us – it all helped us to improve our performance. We firmly believe that together with the music we brought a piece of good Czech heart.


Ruža Bogdanoska, the Choir of the Cultural Artistic Association “Stiv Naumov“, Bitola, Macedonia

We are very pleased with reception of our Choir in Prijedor and the organization of the Festival. We took part at many festivals in Europe and, based on our experience, we can freely say that your Festival was organized at the highest level.


Josip Katavić, conductor of the Mixed Choir “Lola”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

First of all, I thank you for your hospitality and organization of the Festival. Regardless of some shortcomings, that we have suggestions how to correct it, I honestly think that this is the best choir festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wider.


Helena Hanousková, a member of “Chorus Ostrava”, Ostrava, Czech Republic

For me, the most exciting experience from the Festival is the performance in competition programme and awarding ceremony that followed. I appreciate friendly and relaxing atmosphere before and after the closing ceremony. The Festival is great, including the farewell party in the hotel.


Milica Radivojević, conductor of the Choir “Alliluia”, Belgrade, Serbia

We are fascinated with quality, seriousness and level of the Festival in every way. I think that festivals in Belgrade can envy you – there is no one single similar festival of such rank here. All compliments, really in all segments: in music and organization.


Marcela Trávníčková, a member of the Choir “Chorus Ostrava“ Ostrava, Czech Republic

I have never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina although it is quite close so it was pleasure for me to take part at the Festival in Prijedor. I can show photos to my son and tell him: “This country is so much similar to ours so we felt like home. “ And the people? Lovely and friendly. We stayed in the audience when winners were proclaimed. All people around us were smiling at us and congratulated. That feeling for me was so powerful and I have never experienced anything like that.


Dragana Nikolić Ristić, conductor of the Church Choir “Sveti Roman Melod”, Subotica, Serbia

It was an honour for us to take part at such festival which was organized at a very high level. All instructions were very clear, and people from Prijedor are great hosts and you act as a strong team. The jury you selected was very competent and they assessed well the first prize. The audience is also great. I liked the awarding ceremony. The presenters were excellent. We have so many great memories from Prijedor.


Mirko Ferlan,conductor of the Mixed Singing Choir Postojna, Slovenia

We had a good time in Prijedor. The reception was excellent. Our host was always kind and she was with us all the time. Competition was well organized. Service with food was great, and the hotel good. Our compliments go to all organizers. We shall certainly recommend the Festival to other choirs from our country.

Ivana Milošević, conductor of Niš Chamber Choir, Niš, Serbia

The organization of the Festival, preparation of material as well as technical leadership was at an impressive level. Sticking to time schedule is very important when lots of choirs participate. This year, schedule of rehearsals, wardrobes and other activities functioned impeccably with no any over lapping or inconveniences. Also, regarding the accommodation and meals, everything was fine. Niš Chamber Choir is very pleased with its participation at the Festival.