Useful Information

How to arrive in Prijedor?


  • If you decide to come by plane, the nearest airports are as follows:

Banja Luka (67 km) 00387 51 535 223

Zagreb (126 km) 00385 1 4562 170

Тузла (217 км) 00387 35 302 400 Tuzla (217 km) 00387 35 302 400

Belgrade (338 km) 00381 11 209 4000


  • If you come to Prijedor by bus from the high way Belgrade – Zagreb – Belgrade, you leave the high way at the exit Jasenovac – Novska, via Jasenovac, border crossing Gradina and Kozarska Dubica you will come to Prijedor. The distance from the high way to Prijedor is 60 km.


Accommodation of participants


  • All participants are settled in hotel Prijedor. The organizer of the Festival books the accommodation based on application forms of participants. The organizers bears the costs of full board from lunch on May the 7th to breakfast May the 10th 2020. May 2020 2019.
  • If some participants want to arrive earlier or stay longer in Prijedor, they will bear the costs of their extended stay on their own and arrange it with the hotel Prijedor.
  • Contact Hotel Prijedor

00387 52 231 176


Free time


  • During your stay in Prijedor, depending on festival’s obligations, you can visit the permanent exhibitions at Museum Kozara, paintings in the Gallery “Sreten Stojanović“ and other exhibitions in the Memorial house of Stojanović family. Many of our as-yet participants, upon completion of the Festival, visited the National Park “Kozara” which is 22 km away from Prijedor.




  • The official currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is convertible mark ( KM) and is used as the only currency. We recommend you to bring Euros and there is an exchange office in the hotel.