Prijedor, from 10th to 12th May 2018

About the Festival

International choir festival “Zlatna vila” in Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska) was held for the first time in 2001 under the title “Choir singing” and in the first two years it had not the competition character. The festival became competition from 2003 and until then there were performing over the one hundred choirs from Russia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Organizer of the Festivala is the City of Prijedor, and the sponzor is the Ministry of education and culture of Republic of Srpska.



  • The main award of the Festival is the Plaque „Zlatna vila“ and financial amount of 2.500,00 euros. A three-member international jury awards this award.
  • The charter “Audience Award” is granted by simply adding the votes of the audience and it has the financial amount of 750,00 euros.
  • Depending on the number of points won, the choirs are receiving the bronze, silver and gold medals:

70 till 79,99 points : bronze medal

80 till 89,99 points: silver medal

Over the 90 points: gold medal

  • In addition to these awards, the special awards goes for certain segments of the choral singing. The Jury of the Festival awards these awards.
  • All choirs and conductors are receiving the Charter of Participation at the Festival.



  • There is no fee for the participation at the Festival.
  • The organizer is covering all the expanses of staying in Prijedor during the Festival (accommodation and food – 3 full boards).
  • The choirs are covering the transportation expanses.



  • The Festival lasts three competition days. The maximum number of choirs-participants is ten, and minimum is eight.
  • The performance of the compositions is a Capella with the possibility of percussion accompaniment.
  • The number of performers in the choir is limited: the minimum number of the performers is 18, and maximum is 45.
  • The Festival take place in three segments:
  1. Competition for the award of the Jury
  2. Competition for the award of the Audience, and
  3. Supporting program.


  1. Competition for the award of the Jury
  • Competition for the award of the Jury goes in two parts:
  1. A) Competition for the medal,
  2. B) Competition for the Gran-pri of the Festival – Plaque „Zlatna vila“

–     For this part of the competition the choirs are obligated to submit three copies of the score pieces that they will perform for the Jury.


  1. A) Competition for the festival medals

– Festival performance is limited on 20 minutes of pure singing.

– Program of the competition performance:

       –     Composition from the period of the XVI and XVII centuries

  • Composition from the period of the XX century
  • Composition of the Serbian author
  • Composition of the domestic author (depending from which country choir comes)
  • Composition by free choice

-This part of the competition is in the daily hours, in front of the Jury and the choirs, the Festival participants.

– Festival medals are awarded based on scoring on these performances.


  1. B) Competition for the Granpri of the Festival – Plaque „Zlatna vila“

       –     The best four choirs from the competition for the festival medals competes at the special performance for the Festival Grand-pri – Plaque „Zlatna vila“.

–     The competition for the Festival Grand-pri is helding on the third festival evening in front of the Jury and audience.

–     This performance is limited on 10 minutes of pure singing.

–     For this performance conductors are selecting the compositions they performed at the festival medal competition.


  1. Competition for the Award of the audience
  • Competition for the Award of the audience take place on first two Festival evenings.
  • Performance of the choir in the competition for the Award of the audience is limited on 20 minutes of pure singing.
  • Framework of the program of this performance is made of the combination of the compositions that choirs performed within the competition for the Award of the Jury and non-competition compositions. Within this performance, the Conductors can include up to 2 non-competition compositions by their choice.


  1. Supporting program of the Festival
  • After the Organizer concludes the selection of the choirs that will participate in the 18th international festival „Zlatna vila“, the Organizer will, in agreement with the choirs, organize additional performances in Prijedor, Banja Luka and other towns in surrounding area.
  • The Organizer will include the individual meetings between the conductors and members of the Jury in the Festival program.


How to participate in the Festival?


  • There are certain steps that needs to be done for the choir to participate at the 18th international festival of choirs „Zlatna vila“ in Prijedor on 10th, 11th and 12th May 2018:
  • Submitt the preliminary application that contains the folowing data:
  • Choir title and the address;
  • Name of the contact person;
  • Phone number and e-mail address;
  • CV of the choir and CV of the conductor and
  • Demo/tone record or the link (note older then 6 months) which has the sound performance of the choir.
  • Preliminary applications will be reviewed by the Festival's Artistic Council, which will, after that, depending on the quality of the choir, send an official invitation for participation.
  • Preliminary application needs to be send by the 31st Decemver 2017 the latest.
  • The organizer also holds the right to make direct invitations to the choirs. The invited choirs immediately fulfill the Application for participation at the Festival.


Contact :

Zoran Stani?, Festival Coordinator
Tel : 00387 52 245 136
Mob : 00387 66 490 217






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