Prijedor City Choir is active to a great extent

Having established one more choir in the year which , due to corona virus, put all part of life at difficult test, our city proved to be a city of choirs as well. There is no better way to mark the great anniversary – 135 years of choir singing and establishing the Serbian Singing Society „Vila“ back in 1885 in Prijedor, than having a new choir in our city. After holding auditions during the summer months of this turbulent 2020, about 90 fellow citizens, divided into juniors and seniors, are now the public City Choir „Prijedor“. Also, part of the Choir are so-called “Pčelice“  a small choir consisted of children aged 4 to 8 years, about 30 of them now by now, because audition of new members is still underway.      

First conductor of the choir Aljoša Novaković is very pleased with quality of vocal abilities of candidates saying that a various repertoire of sacred and secular music won’t a problem at all.    Except Professor Novaković, there will be Professor Goran Vuleta as  conductor’s assistant to work with choristers while Professor Aneta Šurlan will be engaged as instructor of vocal technique. 

In accordance with instructions and measures of the Institute for Public Health of Republic of Srpska based on epidemiological situation, members of the Choir meet and sing in smaller groups at rehearsals ever day from Monday to Friday. 

Judging by number of members, which will for sure increase as time goes by, choir singing, except glorious and  fulfilled past, has a nice future too in Prijedor. We are satisfied with news about so many of our fellow citizens who recognize the value and beauty of choral music as well as big benefits of singing in a choir.     

The City Administration of the City of Prijedor has planned the sum of 50.000,00 KM in the budget to establish  the city choir. Besides it, our City Administration has included conducting into a list of shortage occupation and, based on which, it grants a scholarship for music academy students who decide to study conducting.  

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