A true choral spectacle in Prijedor on June 22, 2021

After dozens  of rehearsals of all the three sections of the Association of City Choir „Prijedor“,  time has come for the first great public appearance. A sixty – minute long concert will be held on the Tuesday, June the 22nd  at 9 pm in the centre of Prijedor.

According to Aljoša Novaković, the first conductor of the Choir, all members have been practicing very hard since the choir establishment, in March last year. Around 100 choristers of  all age are already impatient to sing to citizens of Prijedor. A repertoire is various and interesting. 

There will be a live streaming of the concert, once again, on June 22nd , Tuesday at 9 pm.

The concert is part of the Prijedor Summer of Culture 2021.

Everyone is invited! 

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